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Make $1000 with Blackhat Torrent Force Click

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 10:01 AM

I use this method to make a lot of money from torrents. I'll share it to BHW.
Since i found another methods that bring me more now. This traffic is extremely blackhat.
You can drive big and free traffic to any site you want without spending single dime. 
First do torrent research, seek the most demanded torrent you can see it from www.isohunt.com
Second make a force click, how to do that? You can make a simple exe that open an url if you run it.
open a notepad and type 
start www.youraffiliatelink1.com
start www.youraffiliatelink2.com
and save it as bat file
example myaff.bat
To make an exe from it just download a bat to exe converter, google it and you'll find it or use this
You can convert myaff.bat to myaff.exe
You need to make an exe file from the files that you want to share. If it's a program iyou don't need to convert it to exe since it's already an exe :D. But if it's a video file or music file, you need to do it to an exe, how to do that?
Use a winrar, you can winrar that file and using SFX Archive Feature.
The output file will be an exe. They need to run it before getting it.
Combine your myaff.exe with the video.exe using iexpress. How to do that?
Start -> Run -> Type IExpress
You can combine two exe to one file use this.
mybat.exe combine with thevideo.exe -> combined.exe
You need to edit the combined.exe so it's not suscipious using Resource Hacker from. Just google it or download from
You can change the image to winrar image and delete the microsoft signature.
Make a torrent file from Combined.exe using Utorrent-> Create Torrent Feature . You'll get Combined.torrent.
There you go, your torrent file is ready and upload to torrent top sites like tpb,mininova and isohunt. I suggest to control your upload speed. Try to get as many as peer as possible (1000 peer is easy if you use top searched keyword and upload it to top site) before the first downloader get %100 file.
Once the downloader finish the file and open the file, they'll forced to your site.
It's easy to make money using this. The key is quantity traffic and make it targeted with the affiliate link. Be creative!
There's a lot of ways to improve this methods. The best way to improve it is just use it, analyze it, you'll learn something new each time.

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