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[DOWNLOAD] Jack Canfield - Your Extraordinary Life Plan

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Posted 13 November 2017 - 05:30 AM

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Jack Canfield - Your Extraordinary Life Plan


Your Extraordinary Life Plan
A Six Week Roadmap to Achieving BIG, Ambitious Goals
–and Create an Extraordinary Life

This powerful new program walks you step by step through the entire process of setting and achieving one big, ambitious goal – then shows you how to repeat the process again and again to create the life you want.

Over The Course of 6 Weeks, You Will:
Create a crystal clear vision of what you want your life to be like

Identify a breakthrough goal that will launch you much closer to your vision

Develop a weekly roadmap showing you exactly what you need to do each day

Anticipate obstacles in your path and deal with them before they happen

Develop powerful mindset techniques to keep you inspired and motivated

Assess your progress and adapt your plan so it aligns with your reality

Here’s what you’ll accomplish in 6 weeks…
Week1: Define Your Extraordinary Life

Get clear on your vision of an Extraordinary Life – so you can identify a goal that will propel you much closer to making that vision a reality.

Week2: Choose Your Extraordinary Goal

Choose a goal that is aligned with your highest vision – and start clearing your path of obstacles that might be holding you back from achieving more, faster.

Week3: Take Extraordinary Action

Create your step-by-step goal achievement plan – and start taking concrete action toward making your goal a reality.

Week4: Develop an Extraordinary Mindset

Learn powerful mindset techniques that will help you overcome any obstacle and stay motivated as you work through your action steps in pursuit of your big goal.

Week5: Make Extraordinary Progress

Discover my most powerful productivity techniques for staying focused and on target so you can continue making consistent progress toward your goal.

Week6: Live Your Extraordinary Life

Keep building on what you’ve accomplished, so you can stay inspired and maintain your forward momentum until you’ve achieved your big goal – then repeat your success again and again as you expand your vision of what’s possible and create your Extraordinary Life.


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