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[DOWNLOAD] Sean D\'Souza - Psychotactics - Attversumption

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 08:24 AM

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Sean D'Souza - Psychotactics - Attversumption


Most people think if only they could fix their sales page—maybe tweak it just a bit—they’d be able to sell a lot more products and services

And it doesn’t work that way at all. You’ll find that even if you have the best sales material, those products and services aren’t flying off the shelf. And there’s a very good reason why that’s the case. Customers mostly (yes, mostly) buy when they go through the cycle of attraction, conversion and consumption.

And here is how attraction and conversion works

Attraction and conversion are about getting clients, and selling them a product or service. And then once you’re done, you can hope that those clients come back again, but you can’t guarantee they’ll come back. So you have to go out and find newer clients. And you have to spend time and money, and energy trying to find clients all the time to fill that darned funnel.

Back in the year 2001, that funnel was driving me bananas!

You see in the year, 2001, I was just starting out. And each month was a big mystery to me. I didn’t know what to expect, and where to expect it from. And even though I was supposed to be in my own business, it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t control it as much as I should. Besides I didn’t want to be pushy.

I didn’t want to be the sleazy salesman from hell

And that’s when I discovered the power of a focused strategy. And when I applied the strategy, I stayed on target and I was doing a whole lot less selling–and customers were doing a whole lot of buying. And the more I understood this concept, the more I felt in control. And the more easily I was able to express myself, without rambling and heading off in all directions.

I found that there were ingredients

And that if I stacked up the ingredients in the right manner, and in the right quantity, I could sell more without having to look for new customers all the time. This gave me an enormous leap in income, and gave me the time I so wanted. And it’s all because of these crazy ingredients.

These ingredients were like an instant noodle packet. It was easy to cook a meal because all I needed were the ingredients. And once I had them, I found that putting the ‘ingredients’ together gave me immense clarity. And it enabled me to say what I wanted, instead of depending on a third party (such as a copywriter) to say it for me.

Most people will tell you, you need a good sales page on your website

Or a good direct mail letter. And here’s the truth. Sales pages and direct mail letters are just one tiny piece in the entire strategy of what causes customers to buy.

What you really need is a detailed roll-out of strategy on how buying decisions are made; what causes urgency; pricing strategies; and how to get customers to not just buy, but to keep coming back.

And pre-sell

You see the mad queues for Harry Potter books? That involves pre-sell. You see the endless night watch for the next Windows or Apple launch? That’s pre-sell. Every blockbuster movie is not a blockbuster just because of the stars involved. Nope, you guessed it, it’s pre-sell. And pre-sell means that customers are buying long before they pay.

Yup, customers ‘buy long before they pay’

That means the customers don’t waltz in, inspecting the goods and services. No, they’re not doing that at all. They’re in there to pay. They’ve already bought your product in their heads. They’ve gone through the stages of convincing themselves. And they’d get really mad at you if you can’t sell them the products/services. And yet that happens.

You can literally run out of ‘stock’

Our Article Writing Course was oversubscribed in 24 hours. Two batches filled up in a day! Our workshops in the US and Canada were full to the brim. 70 people signed up in under a week. And amazingly, we sold over $30,000 worth of our new product on ‘Black Belt Presentations’ without a sales page!

All this was achieved with no hoopla at all

No joint ventures
No endless surfboard videos on YouTube
No affiliates
No PR campaign
No advertising
No click-through PPC campaign
No Facebook/Twitter drama
(Take a deep breath )

But that’s us, what about you?

Yeah we were in your situation. And yes, we possibly have a bigger list than you. But this isn’t about the size of the list. It’s about how you attract, convert and get customers to consume.


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