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Posted 29 December 2016 - 07:48 AM

Okay so first off we?re going to promote a pay per free adult cam site. They give you $3.00 per FREE signup and all the person has to do is confirm their e-mail no credit card bullshit. It converts pretty dang good if you can bring it traffic which is why I made this to help some of you out.

First off the site we are promoting is called Live Free Cams it?s part of crakrevenue?s offers. For those of you who don?t know about crakrevenue it?s an adult affiliate website.

Signup: crackrevenue registration

They usually approve new account fairly quick when you sign up just tell me you?re promoting through social media sites, etc. You don?t really need an actually website for this and they usually will allow it.

So okay finally the steps:
We are promoting the Live Free Fun PPL offer through reddit. Reddit is a social media site used by millions of unique visitors and a huge source to get traffic.
So go sign up at reddit registration
Now what we need to do is upload content to the NSFW (18+) subreddits (categories)
Personally I use an application called gifcam.en.softonic.com/ it?s free software to make GIFS easily.

  1. Go to porn tube sites or find free quality porn online and run gifcam over the video and make a bunch of porn GIFS. It?s important that they aren?t any bigger then 5mb.

This is just for the GIFS you do not need to just use gifs you can find porn pictures all over the internet that fit the niches of the subreddits (categories) that you will be uploading your content to. For a list of NSFW (18+) subreddits (categories) check out this site: http://redditlist.com/nsfw then find relevant porn for the subreddits you?re going to be uploading to. I like the porn GIF ones I have images from those subreddits with over 100K views. But experiment with all sorts of the bigger subreddits and you?ll get upvotes and views to your images pretty basic.


  1. Go to Imgur.com and create an account. Upload your content you?ve found or made if you?re using the GIF method.

  1. Edit the photos details and put your referral link in the image description saying something like ?free sex cam site *your link* and give the image a title and you?re ready to go.

The problem with this you don?t want to use a long affiliate link you need something simple if you have a few dollars get a .com domain and make it relevant something like adultcamsfree.com would be great and have it redirect to your affiliate link. If you have no money and no way of getting a domain you can try using .TK a free domain extension and have that redirect to your link it probably won?t convert as well but it will still work.

dot.tk registration link

Alternatively just use a URL shortener such as http://rurl.us


  1. Never upload the images to reddit with the direct link if you do they won?t see your description with your affiliate link. So always use the link that sends them to the comments and full imgur page of the image.

  1. Now upload the shit out of images to all the subreddits listed on the site I mentioned above and watch as the views of your images increase every hour. You will get traffic to your affiliate link and you will have people signing up.

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